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Photo by Brian Johnson

My dear friends,
It's been quite a year and a half. You all know that my father passed away last October 25th, but what you might not know is that my stepmother passed away on Feb 8th. She was in Beaver Dam, WI and she slipped on the ice and hit her head. She did not recover and we are all heartbroken, needless to say. Two deaths and two funerals within 3 1/2 months. The same day that m=y stepmom died, my dear friend, Joan Lowe also passed. There has just has been a lot of death this past year, starting with Lauren's dad, then cousin, my dad, Lauren's sister's mother-in -law and then Jackie and Joan. Not to mention the terrible loss of a beautiful colleague, Erika Luckett. I know it comes with age, but I'm just not ready for it. Still the world spins and moves and we with it. My work has held me, my family has held me and you all hold me as I travel back and forth across the country and you show up for my shows.
I have much work ahead, incuding 4 songwriting workshops, which makes me very happy. You can see all that is coming on my Concert Page. I am blessed with good work that I love doing, family and friends who support me and good health. I wish the same for you all!
Thank you for supporting my work and my life.
With gratitude, Tret

Please enjoy this song about my father.
Lessons From Home Plate