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Photo by Brian Johnson

Dear Friends,
I am about to embark on my 17th CD, called "Stone by Stone". What I mean by 'about to embark' is that I am starting the fundraising portion of the creation so that I can start recording in the fall and have the CD out in early 2021, in time for my 70th birthday!
To that end, I am again asking you for your generosity and gifts so that I can complete this project. You have always been there for me and I hope you will be again. I cannot do this work without you. It is expensive to go into a studio, hire great musicians and present you with the best work I can. And I am always extremely conservative in my spending. I watch every dollar to make this work. The donations not only cover the recording and musicians, but also the artwork, manufacturing and radio promo. I'm going to do a physical CD one more time because I know most of you still love to buy the actual CD. It ends up being somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000. I have made it every time with your help and I hope you will consider helping me again.
As many of you know, I don't do crowd funding because Kick Starter and other platforms take a huge cut of the money and I have to report the money as income and pay taxes on it. But if you give me gifts, I don't have to declare it as income and I can put all the money into the work. It has worked for me every time so far and I hope it will again.
So, for a $50 donation, you get the signed CD before it hits the street.
For $100, you get the first release signed CD and your name on the CD.
For $250, you get the signed CD, your name and a print of an art piece from me that will include the lyrics to the title song and some of my drawings or paintings embedded in the piece.
For $500, you get the signed CD, your name and a "Stone by Stone" inspired framed textile art piece from Lauren.
For $1000 or more, you get it all!
You can donate by check to Tret Fure and send check to 614 Main St, Newport News, VA 23605
Or you can donate online through PayPal right here.

Contribution to "Stone by Stone"

Thank you all for considering this and I thank you in advance for your donation.
With gratitude, Tret

Click HERE to listen to a demo of "Stone by Stone"