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Dear Friends,
I have great news!! I am going to do my 18th album this year! It will be called "Lavender Moonshine", (new title!) and will feature all new songs I have written in the last few years. There will be lots of topical songs as we wend our way through these difficult times of our lives and there will also be love songs, of course! I am thrilled to be able to do another CD. I never know which will be last last. So far, so good!. I am going to record close to home this time so that I can go home at night and sleep in my own bed. I've met some really wonderful musicians in my area over the last year and want to do something organic and local. I have also wanted to work with Kim Person (producer/engineer) for many years and the time is right! I'm excited. I will continue to post more news as things start coming together.
At the bottom of the page is a video of one of the songs I will record. This is just a demo. And to that end, I am starting the fundraising process because, as you know, I cannot do my work without you. Recording a CD can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 to do a really professional recording. That amount includes studio costs, engineer and producer fees, musician fees, art work, promotion, manufacturing and all the miscellaneous costs of doing a work like this. You have all helped me in the past and I hope you will be able to help me again.
As always, for $100 or more, you will receive a first release, signed CD and credit on the album, unless you tell me otherwise. For $250, I will offer 3 1/2 hour guitar or songwriting lessons on zoom or in person if you are local to my area. If you are not a musician, I will gladly spend those sessions talking about whatever you might like or playing you songs and talking about the new work. For $500, I will write you a personal song of your choice. And for $1000, Lauren will create an art quilt based on the new CD. I know that most of you are just happy to contribute no matter what the incentive and that means the world to me.
You can donate through paypal, venmo (@ Tret-Fure) and of course, I appreciate checks (can't get taxed on that!). You can send a check to me at 614 Main St, Newport News, VA 23605. Any gift is welcome and I thank you in advance.
For PayPal, you can donate at this link

Contribution to "Lavender Moonshine"

Thank you, Tret!

Here is a video of one of the songs from the new CD, "The Great Backslide"

The Great Backslide