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Tret has a new CD in the works!

Dear Friends, It’s been almost 3 years since the release of “Rembrandt Afternoons” and three years since the recording of that album. And I keep writing! I have 12 songs recorded for this new CD. I am sharing one of the songs below (Just clcik on "In This Circle" at the bottom). It is one of my favorites. I recorded 11 of the songs at IMA (The Institue for the Musical Arts) and recorded one more at Tonal Park in Takoma Park. I did most of the overdubs at Tonal Park with the exception of guitar and cello overdubs which were done at IMA. That has taken a great deal of the funds I have raised for this CD. I still have to pay for the rest of the mixing, the mastering and the manufacturing. I do my own artwork so that saves me a great deal of money. All to say if you are able and interestesd, I could still use a bit of help. It looks like I am on schedule for a June release with contributors getting their copies at the end of May
As I always say, I keep my costs as low as possible while bringing you the highest quality recording that I can. And still it takes between $10,000 and $20.000 which includes studio, engineer, musicians, artwork, travel and manufacturing. I’ve been able to keep it closer to $15,000 and under and hope to again. I plan on making physical CDs as long as you want them. I love them still, hate going ‘online only’ as long as I can afford to make CDs.
As I have said before, these are gifts as I am not a not-for-profit. There is no tax benefit for you, just the realization that you are helping to create what I hope is always stellar art. I try to avoid crowd funding as I have to pay taxes on that money and they keep a chunk. So through your generosity, I have been able to avoid that trap and hope to again. I thank you in advance for your help.
ps I will be sending updates as the album progresses and hope for a summer/fall release.

You can help Tret create her 16th CD!

This is what you get for your contribution:

$50 - A first released signed CD
$100 - Your name on the CD and a first released signed CD
$250 - Your name, the CD and a beautiful small framed art piece from Lauren
$500 - Your name, the CD and a Tret pet portrait
$1000 or more - all these gifts plus a special surprise from Tret

Contribute online here or make check payable to Tret Fure and send to
614 Main St, Newport News, VA 23605

Contribution level

"In This Circle"