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Photo by Brian Johnson

Dear Friends,
Well, I'm excited to say, though with great trepidation, that things are starting to open up a bit as we all get vaccinated. It's been a long ride and it ain't over yet! But to see a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel is exciting. I was able to go to the other side of the state, across the Blue Ridge Mountains, to Lexington, VA, where my oldest brother, Rob, and his family live and spend the weekend with them. I hadn't seen my brother since January 2020 so it was a wonderful treat. Unfortunately Lauren couldn't go (she had to paint the bedroom without me in her way!). It was a great trip where we visited a spectacular lavender farm and a country farmer's market as well as taking a great morning walk through the campus of W&L and VMI. I cooked dinner two nights and played lots of cribbage with my brother and my nephew, Robbie.
And I am in love with my garden. It has been growing in leaps and bounds and it is so wonderful to watch the progress daily where I usually watch the progress every week or so when I'm touring. I'm thinking that in the future I will just stay home during March and April to watch my garden grow. One bed has 3 tomato plants, two cucumber plants, a large row of snap peas and is surrounded by basil, marigolds and nasturtiums. There are separate containers that house lettuce, arugula, another tomato plant and a butterfly friendly flowering plant, whose name escapes me at the moment. The weather is warming and things are really growing. We've been eating radishes, lettuce, arugula, chard and some kale already with much more to come. And I already have peppers on the plants and potatoes showing their greens. I am truly blessed! I thank my dad for my green thumb. I got the farmer gene from him!
April had many highlights and also some struggle. I have done so well during the pandemic, spiritually and psychically but the last few weeks have been a bit difficult. The 'not knowing' when I can really work away from home again has been weighing on my. My motivation comes and goes and that is not good. But this will pass. I remind myself that I will be traveling soon but that holds some fear as well. Will I remember how to do it! :>)
And to that end I have my first live show on June 20 in Danbury, Ct for their Pride Celebration. It is being held in a large park, all outdoors, all socially distanced and I will get to see good friends who are also performing: Dianne Davidson, Zoe Lewis, Crys Matthews and Heather Mae. That is really going to be a blast and a wonderful way to start touring again. After that I have three festivals in Michigan, all offshoots of MichFest, a concert in Marquette and then two workshops in Aug ending the month with a yard concert in Cincinnati. All these activities are listed on my concert page.
I don't know what the fall has in store yet, because venues are not open yet and churches are not open yet, but hopefully I'll know more soon. If I'm not touring, I'll be streaming into the fall.
So back to the streaming world. I have a show right away on the first with the Linden Tree Coffeehouse. We had to cancel the show that was set for last May, then cancelled the show that was set for this May and decided to do it virtually until we can set up something in the church down the line. Please attend if you can, it is free to watch with a suggested donation of $10 - $20 which can be paid through my PayPal.me account, through my Venmo account @Tret-Fure or a check to Linden Tree at Linden Tree Coffeehouse, 8 Dexter Lane, Wakefield, MA 01880.
Then on the 13th, I have what might be my last "Live from Home" streaming concert until the fall unless I do one on the 24th of June, right before I take off for the road. That is yet to be determined but I will definitely be doing a show on Thursday, May 13 at 8 PM EDT. This show will be all the title songs from the last 9 CDs. That should be fun! The link for that show is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMe6Us9oZYc
On June 4th, I will be doing a wonderful online show for Pride with two fabulous artists, Kipyn Martin and Abby Posner. That is a ticketed event and you can get tickets for that at https://bit.ly/3gJYTTZ
Here is a link to a fabulous video of a Cheryl Wheeler song "If It Were Up to Me" that I was honored to be part of. It is quite moving and worth and a listen. https://www.facebook.com/tretfuremusic/videos/10208685039801486
Thank you all so much for staying with me and coming to my shows and sharing my news in this lingering, difficult time. We all hope for the end but we have a ways to go so thank you for your attention and dedication to the music. And I hope to maybe see you on the road again soon!
With gratitude, Tretp> My First Guitar