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My dear friends, I am happy to be off the road for a few months, and I must say this has been a wonderful year of touring, sharing my stories and songs in new and old places alike. And not just shows; I also engaged in creative workshops where I had the opportunity again to share my experiences as a songwriter with other, and help them to find their own craft by revealing mine. I am truly blessed with work that I love and the ability to share my life through song and have it actually have a profound effect on others. It is a gift and a true blessing. And it is one I never take for granted. I will be home for a few months, writing, recording, painting and teaching. Also I will be resting up for the new year and my 2017 shows. I will be posting my shows soon as they are many and I look forward to seeing new and old friends in the new year. For now, I wish you all wonderful holidays in whichever way you celebrate. May the New Year bring success, joy and happiness to your lives. And for those dismayed by the election, we will prevail! We will get through this!
Thank you all for your continued support