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For lyrics from "Roses in November", "Rembrandt Afternoons", "A Piece of the Sky", "The Horizon" and
"True Compass", please visit the
lyrics page.

Rembrandt Afternoons

(Tomboy girl 2015)

A Piece of the Sky

(Tomboy girl, 2013)

The Horizon

(Tomboy girl, 2010)

True Compass

(Tomboy girl, 2007)

Anytime Anywhere

(Tomboy girl, 2005)

My Shoes

(Tomboy girl, 2003)

Back Home

(Tomboy girl, 2001)

Radio Quiet

with Cris Williamson
(Wolfmoon/Goldenrod, 1999)

Between the Covers

with Cris Williamson
(Wolfmoon/Goldenrod, 1996)

Postcards from Paradise

with Cris Williamson
(Olivia, 1993)

Time Turns the Moon

(Second Wave, 1990)

Edges of the Heart

(Second Wave, 1986)

Terminal Hold

(Second Wave, 1984)

Tret Fure

(MCA, 1973)


with Spencer Davis
(United Artists, 1970)