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"Lavender Moonshine - The New CD!!"

Lavender Moonshine
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Tret's CDs

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Older CDs - computer audio files

CDs and artwork are produced from my computer. Terminal Hold & Edges of the Heart are on one CD

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"The Early Years"

a 4 CD compilation of Tret's first 4 albums including "Tret Fure, "Terminal Hold", "Edges of the Heart" and "Time Turns the Moon"

The Early Years
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"A Valentine's Day Special!!"

A collection of love songs including "Riverbank", "Everyone To Me", "Alone With You", "True Compass", "The Storm", "The Wedding Song", "Hold Me To Your Heart", "Everyday", "Bluebird", "Dream Time", "I Choose You" and "You Are"
Please note that these are mp3 files generated from my computer

Love Song CD