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Tret Fure is an award-winning singer songwriter whose music demonstrates a willingness to confront the most pressing issues of our day with courage, compassion and a deep sense of humanity. Her songs speak to the heart and the soul. Her new album Lavender Moonshine is very much in that tradition: timely, compelling, provocative and tender.

Ron Cooke – Founder/Director: A Still Small Voice 4U Inc

“I have always been a fan of Tret’s live shows at Godfrey Daniels over many years, but, listening to her latest CD Lavender Moonshine, I come away in awe of her prowess as a studio artist. Besides the broad themes of the songs themselves (addressing current social issues while serving up some lovely love songs), I was struck by how rich the production values are: creative, yet simple instrumentation, nice backing vocals and arrangements. Above it all stands Tret’s expressive and velvety vocals. Tret is a master at this and has put together an impressive collection of great songs with a sound that tickles my mind and ears.”

Dave Fry – radio programmer, former Artistic Director of Godfrey Daniels.

“To engage with Tret Fure is to feel her warmth, her humanity and her fierce determination. Tret invites you to be part of her family, her stories are our stories at once current and timeless, her lyrics are always well crafted and her music supports and enhances but never overpowers her message. Every album from Tret is a treat and Stone by Stone is no exception.” – Ron Cooke, KTAL 101.5 FM – Las Cruces, NM “Stone by Stone is a very personal, heartfelt collection of great tracks. More will be aired in the upcoming weeks.” – Jack Dugan WIOX – Folk Odyssey, Roxbury, NY

Roses in November is yet another masterpiece from Tret. Exceptionally crafted songs delivered with passion, conviction and, yes, soul. Tret weaves magic both in the lyrics and between the lines. This will certainly be on my ‘Best of 2018’ list.” – Wanda A. Fischer, WAMC – Northeast Public Radio

“Tret has released one of the best CDs of 2018 entitled Roses in November.” – Barry Graham, WHRV – Acoustic Highway

“She’s a singer-songwriter who draws you into her personal world without self-indulgence because her themes are universal and the songs, well-written. Tret’s also a folk singer, touching on important issues like gender identity, and peace. Leaning more toward contemporary folk than anything else, there are touches of Cajun music and bluegrass; stellar musicians include Gina Forsyth on violin, June Millington on guitar and others with percussion, bass, cello, piano, and mandolin. Most of the arrangements seem built around Tret’s beautiful acoustic guitar work and her expressive voice. The first cut, “Freedom,” is a very singable anthem that’s perfect for political gatherings or some churches – anywhere where you need an uplifting and memorable song that’s easy for everyone to join. Just try to get it out of your head. (And that’s more than okay, judging by the ear worms that sometimes inhabit mine.) She’s the queen of love songs, evidenced by the title cut “Rembrandt Afternoons,” “Riverbank”, and “Now I Know.” Given that every musician on the planet has a song about love, it’s hard to write anything that feels moving and original; Tret could teach the class. “Tender” has a wonderful accordion and a positive message about acceptance. There’s a lovely finger picked guitar with touches of fiddle in “The Fishermen of Bristol Bay.” The poignant story is of a native community that has fished the bay for thousands of years and the challenges presented when a mining company tries to move in. “A Moment in Time” is one of my favorites. The lyrics are lovely, about observing a second in time and drawing conclusions. She sings of finding a photograph featuring two women and wonders: “They could be lovers or just friends / Maybe sisters on a stroll.” She ends by asking if she sees too much in this brief moment. Pamela Means’s guitar gives this piece a jazz/pop feel. In “Foolish or Foolhearted,” Tret’s delicately finger picked guitar weaves around lyrics where she muses about gifts – a scarf, a cup and a stone – and lets us know that even though those objects were lost, it’s not a comment on her affection for that person. How many of us have panicked when we lost that ring or special card? In “Slipper Moon” she uses dog and cat metaphors to tell us about longing for the comfort of home. She ends this wonderful release with “Worry Stones.” Recorded simply with her warm acoustic guitar and voice, this one shows you how she is in concert. While the band is great, she can still do it with just a simple guitar and vocal. In one of her songs, she sings, “When you think you just can’t sing / You find a better song.” You can’t find much better songs than Tret Fure’s. I love this album. So will you.” – © Jamie Anderson – November/December 2015

“Tret’s 2015 release, her 15th, is a stunning collection of heartfelt love songs, beautiful story songs and pertinent socially conscious songwriting, with strong acoustic melodies and of course, her signature guitar-playing. This is a combination of classic Tret with creative new edgy music. She has pushed her boundaries in a compelling way – for fans old and new alike!” – Ladyslipper Music

“The album is still in rotation as of today. Favorite tracks are ‘Freedom’, ‘Rembrandt Afternoons’, and ‘How We Dare’. Tret is a national treasure and here at NFR we love her.” – John Hart – NewFolkRadio

“For those who love Tret Fure’s music, and for those first coming to the songs of this talented singer/songwriter and producer, this recording is for you. Tret opens both heart and mind and gives herself over to the music. And it is beautiful music, indeed, addressing where we have come to in life, and where we are going – gathering our loved ones around us all along the route. There is wonderful playing by all of the musicians involved. Tret Fure may be offering us A Piece of the Sky, but she offers us her open heart as well. It is hard not to reach in and find a song that speaks directly to you, the listener. Reach in and listen.”

– A review written by Roberta B. Schwartz for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

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Tret Fure • 614 Main St, Newport News, VA 23605


Tret uses John Pearse Strings

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